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Citywide Plans and Development Guidelines

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San Diego County Administrative Study Model
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Master Plan and "Little Italy" light rail station

- Awards -

National League of Cities "All American City Award" for Agnews West Community Master Plan, Santa Clara, CA.

Ahwahnee Conference on Smart Growth, "Honor Award" for San Rafael Downtown Community Plan.

American Planning Association, "National Planning Implementation Award", State of California Award and Northern California Section Award for San Rafael Hillside Design Guidelines.

American Planning Association, San Diego Section, "Outstanding Planning Project" for San Diego County Administration Center Master Plan.

American Planning Association, San Diego Section, "Outstanding Planning Project" for San Diego County Design Guidelines.

Urban Redevelopment Master Plans

"Uptown District". San Diego, CA.
Pedestrian-oriented residential-retail development in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego. The $70 million mixed-use project combines a neighborhood retail center, 313 dwellings, and a community center on the 14-acre site of the former Hillcrest Sears store. Prime Consultant to the City of San Diego. Client: City of San Diego, Planning Department.

Agnews West Community Master Plan. Santa Clara, CA.
Mixed-use community of 2,000 dwelling units, community commercial center, hotel, school and recreational facilities on the site of the former Agnews State Hospital in "Silicon Valley". The development plan emphasizes a compact, pedestrian-oriented community. National League of Cities, "All American City Award". Client: State of California Department of General Services and Gruen Gruen + Associates.

San Diego County Administration Center Master Plan. San Diego, CA
Urban Design and architectural master plan for expansion of the historic County government center on the Downtown San Diego Harborfront. Adopted by County Board of Supervisors. Light rail station opened 1993. Client: County of San Diego, Chief Administrator's Office. Award.- American Planning Association, San Diego Section, "Outstanding Planning Project".

Cow Palace - Carter Martin Master Plan.
Master Plan for San Francisco's historic Cow Palace exposition center and adjacent properties, a 110-acre area located in Daly City. Mixed-use development of a new neighborhood commercial center, housing, offices and expanded Cow Palace facilities. Client: City of Daly City, CA.

Downtown Urban Design

Downtown San Rafael Community Plan. San Rafael, CA
Urban Design studies for revitalization and public space improvements in Downtown San Rafael, Marin County. Award.- Honor Award from The Ahwahnee Conference on Smart Growth. Client: City of San Rafael, Redevelopment Agency.

Downtown Scottsdale Urban Design Guidelines and Fifth Avenue District Public Spaces Design. Scottsdale, AZ
Design and development guidelines for Downtown Scottsdale. Fifth Avenue District Public Spaces Design. Client: City of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Downtown Redlands Master Plan. Redlands, CA.
Revitalization and urban design plan for historic Redlands Town Center focusing on preservation, public space improvements, creation of Santa Fe Depot Historic District. Client: City of Redlands, CA., Redevelopment Agency.

Downtown Santa Rosa Mixed-Use Analysis. Santa Rosa, CA.
Feasibility study for mixed-use redevelopment of two city blocks in Downtown Santa Rosa, CA. Urban design consultant to team headed by Seifel Consulting Inc. Client: Seifel Consulting and City of Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa Redevelopment Agency.

Downtown School Site Redevelopment. San Jose, CA.
Mixed-use redevelopment study of the Horace Mann School site in Downtown San Jose to build a new elementary school, 16 affordable dwelling units and neighborhood retail shops. Client: San Jose Unified School District and San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

Downtown Clayton Specific Plan. Clayton, CA.
Plan for restoration and expansion of historic Clayton Town Center. Urban design consultant to Knox Associates, Urban Planners. Client: City of Clayton.

Citywide Plans and Development Guidelines

San Clemente General Plan Urban Design Element. San Clemente, CA.
Citywide urban design plan and comprehensive design guidelines for development. Completed with extensive citizen participation process. Award.- American Planning Association, Orange County Section. Comprehensive Planning Award for the San Clemente General Plan. Client: City of San Clemente, CA.

San Rafael Hillside Design Guidelines. San Rafael, CA.
Citywide comprehensive guidelines for hillside development. Awards: American Planning Association. "National Planning Implementation Award". APA, State of California Chapter Award. APA, Northern California Section Award.

City of Dana Point. Dana Point, CA
General Plan Urban Design Element and Design Guidelines. Citywide urban design plan. Comprehensive design and development guidelines. Client: City of Dana Point and Cotton/Bridges/Associates.

San Diego County Design Guidelines. San Diego, CA.
Urban design plans and design guidelines for seven communities of the County completed with citizen workshops. (Three separate contracts over 6 year period). Award.- American Planning Association, San Diego Section. "Outstanding Planning Project".

City of Huntington Park, CA.
General Plan Urban Design Element and Citywide Development Guidelines. Client: City of Huntington Park and Cotton/Bridges/Associates.

Marin County Residential Development Guidelines and Community Plans.
Communities of Kentwoodlands, Strawberry, Kentfield/Greenbrae and Upper Lucas Valley. Development of new standards and guidelines to reduce physical and visual impacts of new residential development. Client: Marin County Board of Supervisors.

Special Area and Specific Plans

Project First Class Urban Design Program. San Diego, CA
Comprehensive urban design study of twelve inner-city neighborhoods along the new East Line light rail corridor in Southeast San Diego. Client: City of San Diego and Southeast Economic Development Corporation.

Corte Madera Bayfront Plan. Corte Madera, CA.
Specific Plan for Corte Madera Bayfront and commercial centers in Rt. 101 corridor. Emphasis on structuring redevelopment opportunities with new mixed use development including housing on a former shopping center site. Client: Town of Corte Madera.

North City Future Urbanizing Area. Framework Plan. San Diego, CA.
Plan for 12,000 acres of undeveloped land within the City of San Diego. The Plan focuses development in two compact communities with pedestrian-oriented centers. Principal urban design consultant to multi-discipline team headed by Blayney-Dyett, Urban and Regional Planners. Client: City of San Diego, Planning Department.

Metro Transit Development Sites Charette. Portland, Oregon.
Advisor and moderator for design/development charette focusing on four mixed-use development sites surrounding a new MAX light rail station in Gresham (Portland), Oregon. Client: Metro Regional Government, Transit Development Office.

Mission Street Urban Design and Development Plan.
Analysis of development opportunities, site-specific design feasibility studies and design of public improvements along the 2-mile Mission Street corridor in Daly City, California. Client: City of Daly City, Redevelopment Agency.

Geneva Avenue Urban Design Plan.
Urban Design Plan for Geneva Avenue, the major commercial corridor of the Bayshore Redevelopment Area, where the city boundaries of Daly City, San Francisco and Brisbane converge. Urban development standards, design of public improvements and pedestrian linkage to the MUNI Third Street light rail line terminal. Client: City of Daly City, CA.